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Certified Green Builder

Green means different things to different people.

While some choose to focus on their homes reduction of energy consumption or water usage, others are passionate about using recycled materials and preserving our natural resources. No matter what your preference we can help.

There are a number of green certifications a builder can strive for when designing a home. Energy Star, LEED, FGBC, Build Smart are some of the most popular certifications available in Florida. In a nut shell, there are two kinds of certifications.

There are the ones like Energy Star that focus on energy management plans and designs with the specific goal of benefiting both the environment and lowering the home owner’s utility expense. Others take a much broader approach concerning “Green”. LEED for example takes a “triple bottom line” approach which considers people, planet and profit. LEED quantifies a building’s performance in these following areas:

  • Site sustainability
  • water efficiency
  • energy and atmosphere
  • materials and resources
  • indoor environmental quality
  • innovation in design and operations

While we can design a home to meet any criteria, there is usually a tipping point for clients when they consider the fees associated with each certification and the added building costs to achieve the requirements of that certification.

As a standard our homes are designed to exceed the Energy Star requirements, conserve water, provide better indoor air quality and reduce your long term building maintenance. To achieve this we provide the following as a standard:

  • Icynene foam insulation on the roof decking that reduces your attic temperature by more than 50 degrees in the middle of summer.
  • Corefill 500 injected foam insulation in our exterior block walls that raises the insulation factor as well as soundproofing.
  • Double pane, low E windows and insulated fiberglass exterior doors
  • 80 gallon solar hot water heater which reduces your energy consumption by up to 30%
  • 15 SEER variable speed humidity controlled HVAC system
  • Dual flush toilets – One button uses .8 of a gallon while the other is a normal 1.6 gallons
  • Moen “Water Sense” flow-optimized shower heads and faucets (less water, not pressure)
  • Energy Star stainless steel appliances
  • Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs
  • Landscaping which includes sod and plants that require less watering Irrigation system that meets Volusia and Flagler County water conservation requirements
  • Low VOC interior painting materials
  • Exterior Loxon XP water resistant paint
  • Pex plumbing piping